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Raising Kids in a High-Tech World

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If we parents are conflicted about how our young kids interact with technology – from Tablets and DVDs to iPhones, iPads, iPods and iDon'tKnowWhatElse – who can blame us? Not Hanna Rosin, who writes compellingly in The Atlantic this month about the plugged-in push-pull parents face.

Back in 2006, notes Rosin, 90 percent of parents said their children under 2 used some kind of electronic media. With over 118 million tablets sold in 2012, imagine how high much higher that number must be today.

 The reality is our kids are exposed to technology every day. Rosin dubs them "the touchscreen generation," and explores the theory that banishing technology outright may be a simple, if dramatic, response, but perhaps not the most appropriate one. Maybe, she posits, technology – especially today's interactive technology - can be beneficial to our children.

“People say we are experimenting with our children,” Sandra Calvert, director of the Children’s Media Center at Georgetown University, told Rosin. “But from my perspective, it’s already happened, and there’s no way to turn it back. Children’s lives are filled with media at younger and younger ages, and we need to take advantage of what these technologies have to offer."
 If we adults use technology not just to entertain, but also to enrich and educate ourselves, as you are doing right now, how can we help our children do that as well?

Rosin cites guidelines laid out by Lisa Guernsey in the book "Screen Time." Guernsey proposes what she terms the Three C's:

1. Content: "Think about the content of what your children see on screen." Programming or technology that is age-appropriate – designed for and directed to children -- and encourages the children to interact with what they see onscreen – by asking open-ended questions, for instance – may engage children more.

 2. Context: "Think about the context -- who is with them, how are they talking about what they see, how much the DVD or online game dominates their day." Studies show that when parents sit with their young children as they watch and talk to their children about something that they are watching or experiencing together, they are enhancing their children's language-development readiness. One study showed that verbal media interactions between parent and child with educational programming significantly enhanced children's language skills eight months later. Researchers compare watching a video to reading a book, in that the experience is profoundly enriched when parents ask their children questions about what is on the page and what their children think might happen next.

3. Child: "Think about what makes sense for your individual child, whose needs and interests will be unique to him or her alone." What works for the neighbor's child may not work for yours, and vice versa.

The technological landscape our children have been born into is not likely to go away. Both Guernsey and Rosin contend that we parents ought not to try to run from it, but rather to find ways to help our children explore it so that media can enrich their lives, and maybe even teach them something useful, like a second language!


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Babies at risk of anemia if cut umbilical cords too early

(Quoted from Natural News) Cutting the baby's umbilical cord immediately after birth has been a standard procedure in hospitals for decades. According to several recent studies, however, babies whose umbilical cords are instantly severed - thus depriving them of the blood still traveling to their bodies from the placenta - suffer from iron deficiencies for up to six months. Since low iron levels have been linked to neural development problems, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has considered updating its birthing guidelines to accommodate this important information.

babiesDepriving newborn babies of blood: A routine practice

The NICE last updated their birthing guidelines in 2007. However, since then at least two essential studies have emerged - one in 2009 by the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (RCOG), and another in 2011 by a team of Swedish researchers for the British Medical Journal - that highlight the link between premature cord severance and anemia. These studies have prompted numerous campaigners and professionals, among them Belinda Phipps, the chief executive of the British parenting charity, NCT, to request that that NICE re-evaluate their guidelines.

"When a baby is born, about a third of the baby's blood is still in their cord and placenta," began Phipps. "With no good evidence to support it, it is accepted practice to accelerate the arrival of the placenta with an injection and clamp and cut the cord immediately, depriving the baby of this blood.

"It's becoming increasingly obvious that things need to change. It is time all those who are becoming parents were informed about the disadvantages of early clamping on a baby's breathing and iron levels.

"NCT would like to see the default position become leaving the cord for a few minutes until it stops pulsating unless the mother chooses either to have an injection to speed the arrival of her placenta or this is urgently required due to blood loss."

A spokesperson for the RCOG - the college responsible for one of the main studies drawing awareness to this little-known issue - agreed with Phipps's conclusion:

"The RCOG recommends that the umbilical cord should not be clamped earlier than necessary and should always be based on clinical assessment of the situation.

"Research has shown that delayed cord clamping of more than 30 seconds may benefit the newborn in reducing anemia. It also allows time for the transfusion of placental blood to the newborn, especially in cases of premature birth."

Professor Mark Baker, director of the Centre for Clinical Practice at NICE, has stated that researchers at the Institute are assessing the evidence regarding this issue and will update their guidelines in 2014 in light of their decision.

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About the author:
Michael Ravensthorpe is an independent writer from the United Kingdom whose research interests include nutrition, alternative medicine, and bushcraft. He is the creator of the website Spiritfoods, through which he helps to promote the world's healthiest foods, whether they be established superfruits such as mangosteen or lesser-known health supplements like blackstrap molasses.

Michael is also the creator of the companion site Spiritcures, which details his research into the best home remedies for common medical conditions.

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Newborn Baby Clothes Gift set on Sales

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Twin Tips: Getting Out of the House | My Tales with Two

Twin Tips: Getting Out of the House | My Tales with Two

Recent Research shows Kids' sinusitis might not need antibiotics

Mon, Jun 24, 2013 Quoted from HealthDay News — Doctors don't have to automatically prescribe an antibiotic to treat children who appear to have acute sinus infections, according to new guidelines issued by a leading group of pediatricians.

Instead, they can take a "watch and wait" approach if it appears the infection might clear on its own, according to the new American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines.

"The practitioner can either treat immediately or consider waiting for a couple of days," said Dr. Ellen Wald, chairwoman of the academy's subcommittee on acute sinusitis. "If the kid doesn't look dramatically ill, you can wait an extra couple of days to see if they improve on their own."

The previous guidelines, passed in 2001, recommended antibiotic therapy for all children diagnosed with acute bacterial sinusitis, which is defined as persistent signs of sinus infection lasting more than 10 days.
Doctors now can observe kids for up to an additional three days past that 10-day period to see if their symptoms will ease without antibiotic treatment.

"There's nothing absolutely sacred about 10 days. It could be 11 days. It could be 12 days," said Wald, chairwoman of pediatrics at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health, in Madison. "In the child who looks sicker, we wouldn't do that. We would start on antibiotics immediately."

The new guidelines, published online June 24 in the journal Pediatrics, are driven primarily by concern over antibiotic resistance, she said. There is a lot of overlap between the common cold and acute sinusitis, and some children who are not suffering from a bacterial infection may be receiving antibiotics.

"If we prescribe fewer antibiotics, then the problem of antibiotic resistance is controlled," Wald said. "If you can avoid the use of antibiotics, then that is reasonable."
Between 6 percent and 7 percent of children who visit doctors seeking care for a respiratory condition have acute sinusitis, according to the report.
Most cases of acute sinusitis develop from a common cold. Colds usually last five to seven days and peak within two or three days, Wald said.

Acute sinusitis does not often develop into a life-threatening illness, but it can be very uncomfortable and even painful. Symptoms of sinusitis include a runny nose, a persistent daytime cough, headache and fever.

"I think cases of acute sinusitis resolve on their own, by and by," Wald said. "There are not children who are dying left and right from sinusitis. But there is a quality-of-life issue too. You get better more quickly with treatment."

The revised guidelines further underline the need for parents to seek out pediatricians who are adept at diagnosing and monitoring sinusitis, said Dr. Jordan Josephson, a sinus and allergy specialist at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City and author of the book Sinus Relief Now.

This is especially true for children with ongoing sinus problems, he said.

"Treatment of chronic sinusitis is not simple, and I think it's important that patients get to a doctor who really understands the disease," Josephson said. "Guidelines are guidelines. The ultimate thing is to get to a physician who is a really good diagnostician who can determine whether antibiotics are needed."

The new guidelines for acute sinusitis also discourage the use of imaging tests to help diagnose the condition in uncomplicated cases.

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Do you want your baby to be a super hero?

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Must Buy Baby Stroller - Safe, Light & Not Expensive!!!

Recently I need to buy a new baby stroller for my son. In this case, I have made a lot of research on baby stroller and I found that The First Years Jet Stroller is the best choice for all the parents.

The First Years Jet Stroller

The First Years Jet Stroller is a great choice if you travel a lot and don’t want the hassle of taking your bigger stroller with you. If you’re a frequent flyer, or you take the subway a lot, this model will be a lifesaver. It’s lightweight, folds easily and most importantly, is comfortable for your little one. As a frequent traveler myself, I know how frustrating it can be trying to keep track of your luggage, calm a crying baby and patiently explain to the airline check-in employee that yes, you really do want to check in that big bulky stroller, and no, you didn’t realize that it was over the weight limit and you’d have to pay extra.  Let’s just say that wasn’t a great start to our last vacation!  I wish I’d known about this stroller at the time, but as they say, live and learn. The really nice thing about this stroller is that it has a double set of wheels on both front and back, making it easy to maneuver just about anywhere. It comes in a variety of colors and looks pretty good, as strollers go.



The stroller has an adjustable canopy, but no viewing window. The canopy is not as large as other models, but it will still protect your child from the elements. It is removable as well; you can also choose to fold it back when you don’t have a need for it.  There is a parent’s organizer/tray that will hold small items like boarding passes and keys. While the handle bar is not adjustable, it is taller so dads like me don’t have a problem pushing it (I’m just over 6′). It also has the wonderful ‘one hand fold’ feature that makes it easy to handle when you have your hands full. It fits easy in just about any trunk, even economy size. The stroller also has an adjustable 5-point harness, something many lightweight strollers don’t have. This makes sure your child stays safe and secure at all times.

The Jet Stroller Wheels

Handles, Wheels & Brakes

As mentioned, the handlebars sit up a bit taller than other models, so tall people won’t have any problems pushing the stroller. Unfortunately, they are not adjustable. The stroller comes equipped with larger wheels, at 6” in diameter and there are 2 sets of double wheels in both the front and the back. This makes it easy to go over any surface, including gravel, grass, dirt and asphalt. The rear brakes are easily engaged with the tap of your foot. Just push the red lever down on each set of wheels and the stroller will lock into place.

The First Years Storage Basket


The First Years Jet Stroller has two separate storage compartments. One is a large basket on the bottom which can hold larger items like a diaper bag. The other storage compartment is a parent’s organizer by the handle bars. It can hold smaller items like wallet, keys, cell phone and maybe a few extra wipes. If you stop for a latte or bottle of water, you’ll have to hold onto it, as there are no cup holders. You can probably put a water bottle in the organizer as long as the lid is securely fastened. It can also fit a few snacks for those times you’re running late and dinner has been pushed back an hour. It definitely doesn’t have the large storage capacity of other strollers, but considering this is meant to be a compact alternative for traveling with, one has to make some sacrifices.

Seat With 5 Point Harness


This stroller has a multi-recline feature, although it does not recline all the way back. It is enough, though, to keep your child comfortable if he or she falls asleep, so they can stay asleep. The seat is made of polyester and wipes clean with a damp cloth and mild dish soap. The seat has a wider base, making it more roomy and comfortable to sit in. According to the manufacturer’s recommendation, the stroller can hold a child up to 50 pounds.

The First Years Stroller When Folded

Size, Dimensions & Weight

The First Years Jet Stroller weighs only 11 pounds, with dimensions of 30” x 19” x 39.5” (length, width, height). When folded the dimensions are 48” x 12” x 11” (height, width, depth). This makes it easy to fold, using the one-handed folding system, and popping into the trunk. Whether you have a Hummer or a Ford Focus, you’ll find plenty of room for storing the stroller.
Even the smallest hotel room can accommodate this stroller. It will easily fit into a closet or behind the door without getting in the way.  The aluminum frame is quite sturdy, something not all lightweight strollers can boast about. You will have peace of mind knowing your child is safe and secure in this one.

Quick Glance Features

The First Years Jet Stroller Features

Available Colors

City ChicNavyStones
City Chic
Consumers Reviews & Ratings
Most consumers who have purchased The First Years Jet Stroller are extremely pleased. They are giving it great reviews for its lightweight and folding features. Many say that it is easy to maneuver and several have said they’ve used it while traveling on a plane, with very little effort. Some say that they wished the seats reclined further, into a full recline position; and others have said the canopy is a bit on the small side. All in all, though, this is a great stroller for those on the go.


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After 10-mile run, woman gives birth to surprise baby

Trish StaineAfter a 10-mile training run, Trish Staine was in pain. Not post-training-run pain. Real, excruciating pain.

“I was yelling and screaming -- I thought I was dying,” says Staine, who was in training for Grandma’s Half Marathon in her hometown of Duluth, Minn. at the end of the month. Her family called an ambulance, and when they got to the hospital, they expected a diagnosis of a pinched nerve, a kidney stone, maybe a burst appendix, they told the Duluth News Tribune. But what the nurse treating Staine found was a fetal heartbeat.

“And I’m, like, looking around, like, no, I don’t believe it,” Staine told TODAY on Thursday. She says hadn’t missed any periods, she didn’t have a “baby belly” – and her husband, John, had had a vasectomy.

But despite all that, Staine soon delivered a healthy girl weighing 6 pounds, 6 ounces.

The Staines already have two biological children, ages 7 and 11, and two foster children, plus John’s three boys who are 17, 19 and 20.

Trish Staine
They haven’t yet decided on a name, but Trish has an idea. “I wouldn’t mind just naming her Miracle, and calling her Mira for short,” she told TODAY.

This is the kind of story that makes you say, as TODAY anchor Savannah Guthrie did after the interview aired, “REALLY?! Can this really happen?” It can and it does, says Dr. Nancy Snyderman, chief medical editor for NBC News. In the medical literature it’s called “denial of pregnancy,” and Snyderman cites a British Medical Journal study done in Germany that found 1 out of 475 women who delivered a baby did not realize they were pregnant.

There seem to be three general reasons this can happen: One, the woman is very obese, and so does not notice the growing baby belly. Two, the woman is very thin or anorexic, and because of that perhaps already has irregular or skipped periods. Or three – denial, denial, denial.

In obese mothers who didn’t know they were pregnant, there can be problems with high blood pressure or blood sugar issues that can put mom or baby at risk. But despite lack of prenatal care, Snyderman believes the Staines' surprise baby will be fine, although she has not treated the infant herself.

The story sounds unbelievable, but Snyderman has seen it herself: Early in her medical career, she was treating an obese woman who came into the emergency room complaining of what she thought was a stomach flu. “Guess what, I held a baby,” Snyderman says. “I’ve seen it in person!”