2013年4月27日 星期六

Newborn Baby Clothing - Tips for buying baby clothes

Newborn baby grows fast and it doesn't make sense to use a lot of dollars on newborn clothing. However, for a new dad or mum, you still want your little baby to look nice and be dressed in quality clothes, right? Here's the top 3 brands of newborn clothes that are high quality and affordable

Carter's is a brand that's been around forever. Named as the Best Overall Baby Clothes Brand in the 2011 Readers' Choice Awards, parents overwhelmingly choose Carter's baby clothes for the quality and reasonable prices.
On top of that, the brand is widely available at nearly every mass market retailer.
Personal experience with Carter's has taught me that it runs just a touch long but fits well otherwise and shrinkage is minimal even after multiple washes.
Not only does H & M bring adorable and cheeky European fashion to newborn baby clothes, the brand does it at an extremely affordable price. Even when items are not clearanced out, you can get great sweaters for less than $5 and baby basics starting at $1.99.
The only downside to H & M is the limited selection and the brand's lack of an online store. But if you live near an H & M retail location, stock up!
Again, personal experience has taught me that H & M runs extremelybig. My daughter is pretty average size-wise and her 4-6 months clothing from H & M fit until she was nearly a year old.
A brand found only at Target, Circo is well-priced, holds up during washing, and offers a wide selection from leggings and baby t-shirts to socks and bodysuits.
The boys and girls choices are equally cute (which is a struggle for most brands) and Target has done a great job of creating gender-neutral clothing that doesn't lean on the side of too-girly or too-boyish.
Circo tends to run a little on the small side, so buy one size up when making your purchase.

2013年4月26日 星期五

Stop H5N9 Bird flu attacking your kids

Baby Mask stops H5N9 & Novel coronavirus

Ten year ago the whole world was enclosed by the threat of SARS. Last year, when the World Health Organization reported novel coronavirus which can cause severe respiratory illness. And recently the rising of H5N9 bird flu in Mainland China which made the whole world once again wnet on alert for a battle with another virus.

In 2012, WHO has been working together with national health authorities and partners to conduct invesitgations to ascertain how the transmission occurs, including the possibility of transmission from animals. Although the human-to-human transmission cannot be proved, there are still many uncertain factors to explain the spreading. Last year the spreading of Novel coronavirus which is the family of SARS virus, has been proved the animal-to-human transmission. Both of the virues also cause severe respiratory illness, but novel coronavirus is not highly contagious like SARS.

Recently the spreading of H5N9 bird flu in China, some are killed by this virus. There is no specific treatment for severe respiratory illnesses associated with novel coronavirus. In order to prevent your kids from the threat of these virus, you should buy a surgical mask for your kid.
Kimberly-Clark is the famous US personal care manufacturers.  Child's face mask features a Disney character to make children comfortable during examinations. Mask is also made of soft, lightweight fabrics for added comfort. Latex-free, breathable face mask features a pleat-style design and stretchable earloops. Your kid sure can be fully protected by this masks. Action now and buy it here


Yellow Rubber Duck arrive HK

The giant yellow rubber duck is set to dock in Victoria Harbor off Harbour City Hong Kong between May 2 and June 6.

Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman said he has to make sure the duck can stand the winds and waves in the harbour. In the case of typhoon, the duck will be deflated for safety reasons, he said.
Hofman noted that he hopes the rubber duck can connect everyone.


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How do you choose baby clothing

Baby clothing can be very expensive and it seems babies grow out of their clothes before they even have an opportunity to wear them in. We are going to talk about how to choose baby clothes and what you should be buying for your child.

9 Essential Baby Clothing Items
Ok, you're expecting a child, you're not flush with cash and you know you will be changing your babies outfit often, almost as much as their nappies so what essential clothing items should you buy for your baby?
Good question and here is an even better answer.....
* Five or more body suits
* Three to five baby blankets
* Five burp cloths
* Seven or eight pairs of socks
* Three going out outfits
* Two caps for summer and winter
* Three pair of booties
* Four one pieces
* Four Gowns
A good rule of thumb is to have five outfits baby can wear ready at any one time.
In general there are three types of baby clothes.
- Baby Day wear
- Baby Sleep wear
- Baby Going Out
You need to make sure you have clothes for all those occasions. 

Where To Buy Baby Clothes On The Cheap
You can find some of the best bargains for baby clothes right here on the Internet with Ebay.com.
At our site 1Newborn Baby Clothing.com[http://www.1newbornbabyclothing.com], We have our own online auction where you can buy and sell clothes. Unlike Ebay our listings are free and we don't have any closing auction fees.
If you're not comfortable shopping online, you can buy second hand baby clothes from op shops and other type of stores. Used baby clothes should only be brought from a reputable store and some items should never be brought used. Use your common sense. Stores like the Salvation Army offer a great source of baby products.

Always sterilize any baby products you do buy second hand.
Buying used baby clothes from friends is also another good way to save money while knowing what type of quality clothing you are going to get as well.
There is nothing wrong with hand-me-downs.

Taking Care Of Babies Clothes
Babies dirty their clothes constantly. There is nothing you can do about it apart from clean them constantly and have plenty of back up clothes.
One of the major problems parents face is getting stains out of good clothes. You don't want to have to replace clothing all the time if you can get away with it.
The most common stain is the baby spit up. The best way I know of to get rid of this stain is with a bit of baking soda and soda water. What you do is sprinkle the baking soda over the stain, then add the soda water.
These two ingredients will foam a bit for a few minutes. Once that happens, get out an old toothbrush and scrub where you think the stain was.
Another problem when washing babies clothes is allergies. A lot of babies are allergic to washing powders and fabric softeners these days.
Laundering babies clothes in detergents that are perfume free is a good idea. The chemicals in these products can cause severe skin irritation.
Make sure also not to wash babies clothes in the same load as the cloth diapers, this is a recipe for disaster and can cause all sorts of allergic skin reactions in your baby.

Here are some more laundry tips that might be of use to you.
* Never use hot water on formula stains, diaper stains or baby food stains. This only serves to set the stain in harder
* Make sure if you use bleach when washing your childs clothes that you wash all the bleach out before letting them wear it.
* Scrape off as much gunk as possible before you wash any clothes. Get the stained item straight into cold water, let it sit, and then put it through a washing cycle.
* Babies sleep wear should be washed using a mild detergent. No animal fats or colors.
Clothes Buying Tips
Here are a few useful tips when it comes to buying baby clothes, regardless of sex.
* Make sure all your clothes you buy are machine washable. Nothing worse then having to do lots of clothes by hand
* Clothes with elastic waistbands and straps. This makes your baby clothes last a bit longer and they are more comfortable to wear.
* Buy socks with out shaped heals so the socks grow as your child does.
* Always buy natural fibres as they feel better on the skin and they breathe a lot better which means less sweating.
* Jeans that are now too small can be cut into shorts.
* You can make summer pyjama's from winter pyjama's by cutting off the legs and arms.
* Stick to the same brand of socks and same colors. If you lose one sock you can then replace it with out looking funny.

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Get Ready to the beach with your little sweet heart Part 2

When you go to the beach or swimming pool, a nice swimsuit is one of the essential beach gear. How to choose a swimsuit for your baby? There are 2 main points that we have to consider - protection and outlook. We will stay outside for a long time if you go to swim with your kids. Your kids will be affected by the long time exposure of the sun. UV protection and Sunsafe will be the first concerned. When you go to buy swimsuit, you have to choose the one with SPF 50 sunblock on most of your baby's body. If you are affordable, choose the swimsuit which is made up in the comfort and durability of the fabric. Also nice outlook will be another consideration.

Today I will introduce 2 popular brands baby swimsuit to you. Firstly is the NoZone is a North American Leader in producing sun protective clothing for children and adult. NoZone has created the perfect sun-protective baby suit to keep the newest member of the family safe from the sun's burning rays. Features include a front zip for easy on/off. and a sturdy lower zipper to facilitate diaper changes. It is made of polyester which can block out more than 98% of the sun's harmful. UV radiation and rated UPF50+. Highly chorine and salt resistant. There are 8 different color for you to choose.

Designed in New Zealand Snapper Rock are one of the best choice in Protective Swim wear. Same as NoZone Snapper Rock is UPF50+ swim wear and has become one of the world's leading protective swimwear brands for children. This line makes playing at the beach far simpler for parents and kids alike. The material is soft, the clothes are easy to put on and take off, and the patterns are refreshingly fashionable. (P.S. All UPF 50+ to offer 98% protection from harmful rays)

Snapper Rock swim suits for boys are quick drying, lightweight and breatheable. Blocking 98% of all harmful rays, these sun suits will protect your baby's delicate skin. Easy open front zip with zip protection flap, and flat lock stitching for extra comfort. 

short sleeve sun suit - kelly/navy/white