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Why should I choose Organic Baby Clothes?

Nowadays, most of the parents pays more attention on the health of their babies by using organic clothes. Why they choose origanic clothes? The simple answer is that many parents now know about the harmful nature of inorganic clothes than did before.

With the advent of industrial manufacturing over the last few centuries or so, companies have devised a number of techniques to help create clothing on the mass scale. With these techniques in use, a simple cotton shirt is not just a cotton shirt - since it has been processed using artificial brighteners, softeners, flame retardants, ammonia, metals, and formaldehyde, an average cotton shirt is made up of cotton plus all these potentially harmful materials.

Parents have now started avoiding these processed clothes in favor of organic clothes, which are not touched by artificial agents and chemicals. The organic nature of the clothes does not begin with manufacturing alone - it actually starts with their agricultural produce. While your average shirt is made up of cotton farmed using chemical fertilizers and pesticides, organic cotton is grown using only manure, biological pest control and other "green" techniques. Concern for environment is also one of the major factors why parents are now using organic clothing for babies.

Types of Organic Baby Cloth Materials

Apart from organic cotton, there are a number of other materials that are used in organic baby clothing. These include organic bamboo fabric, and organic wool for winter clothing and blankets. All different organic materials have different texture and feel, so you have a wide variety of choice about the type of organic material you may use for your baby.

Organic Bamboo clothing is especially interesting to parents who also want to use more environment-friendly products. Bamboo is a plant that renews itself every few years or so. Bamboo can therefore be harvested in a controlled manner without doing any ecological damage. Bamboo clothes are durable because of the strength of their fabric; yet, they are also as soft as silk. No wonder that organic bamboo clothes are competing head to head with organic cotton clothes in market share.

Organic wool is produced from animals that are fed only organic food, and no genetic engineering, synthetic hormones or other inorganic methods are used in nurturing them. During manufacturing, the fleece for organic wool is washed using biodegradable detergent.

Disadvantages of traditional Inorganic Baby Clothes

Let us compare the disadvantages of industrial baby clothes with the advantages of organic baby clothes. One disadvantage is the exorbitant use of pesticides in the production of the former. Traditional cotton farmers in the United States alone used some 600,000 tonnes of pesticides for their cotton farming. According to conventional wisdom, these chemicals are washed out of the clothes during their manufacturing and washing. But trace elements of these harmful elements remain. Inorganic clothing does not have this problem. Rather than use pesticides, organic cotton farmers use biological pest control.

During manufacturing, care is taken to make sure that no unnatural chemical or material comes in contact with them. This includes synthetic dyes, which are not used in the coloring of organic baby clothes. Formaldehyde is another compound that is used in the manufacture of traditional inorganic clothing, and which is completely avoided in the manufacture of organic clothes.

Babies' skin is specially soft and sensitive. They also have not yet developed immunity to harmful chemicals that adults do. This means that their clothes should free of allergens and other irritants. Among others, eczema is one skin condition that can be caused by chemical residue in their clothing. But organic clothing minimizes this risk by eschewing any use of chemicals. Seeing how eczema can affect 5-15% of all babies one time or another, using organic clothing to reduce its risk is a wise choice.

With Organic clothing, you are assured that your child is not ingesting harmful chemicals whenever he or she it is nibbling on his/her collar. Add to this the fact that you know they are helping the world by using environmentally safe clothing, and therefore are already a part of the solution to the many problems in the world, should give you as sound a sleep as your baby.

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Tips for choosing baby furniture

It cannot be denied that having a baby can be extremely stressful as it is. Many parents often have trouble making sure that their baby's room is wonderful and suitable for their little sweet heart. However, finding the right baby furniture can be as fun and as easy as you make it. This article's main focus is to provide you with some useful tips on how to find baby furniture which will be needed in your child's nursery.

1. Badger Basket Elegance Round Baby Bassinet :

The Elegance Bassinet is the most charming and unique place for your newborn to sleep. Functional and stylish, the generously sized interior measures 32" in diameter and 8.5" deep. A graceful canopy shades the interior, and a storage shelf beneath the bassinet keeps supplies close at hand.
Bassinet comes with a full bedding set, including a lovely pleated skirt, soft padded bumper, fitted sheet, height-adjustable drape canopy and custom-fitted vinyl mattress pad. All bedding is machine washable poly/cotton. Bumper attaches with grip tape and ribbon ties. Bassinet is designed for babies up to 20 pounds, or until your baby can push up on her own. It's made with wood and wood composites, has caster wheels, and is coated with white non-toxic finish. Overall unit measures 32"L x 32"W x 49"H; 31" from the rim to the floor. Some assembly required. Assemble bassinet in the room you intend to use it unless your doorways are wider than 33".


2. Dex Baby Nursery Organizer :

This space-saving nursery organizer does more than bring order to your changing table, it makes most of unused vertical space! You can hang it almost anywhere: from furniture rails, dressers and changing tables, wall hooks, you name it. Its eight compartments neatly hold diapers, a wipes warmer, lotions, and other baby supplies, while keeping everything close at hand. Baby organizer includes three hanging options: hook 'n loop straps, fastener loops, and a special attachment panel for anchoring to flat surfaces. Imported. Surface wash nursery organizer using warm water on a damp cloth Changing table organizer dimensions: 17 1/2"L x 20 1/2"W x 9"L overall Large diaper organizer compartment: 9"W x 9"D x 13"H 4 side shelves: 4 1/2"W x 6 1/2"D Wipes warmer holder: 9"W x 8 1/2"D 2 top mesh pockets: 4"W x 4 1/2"D Contents not included


3. Fisher-Price Soothing Motions Glider :
Babies love being soothed while being held in a glider rocking chair. Now they can enjoy that same soothing motion in a glider just for them! The Soothing Motions™ Glider provides a similar gliding motion in two ways—side-to-side or front-to-back. And it’s so plush and comfy, you’ll love putting your newborn in it right from the start. The comfy seat offers support for baby’s back, sides and head. (Add the infant insert for even more plush support!) There’s a reclined position for younger babies and an inclined position for older babies. As baby glides back and forth, you can choose from soothing or playful music and she can gaze at the plush toys swaying overhead. Use from birth until child becomes active and can climb out of the seat. Unique two-way gliding motion and soothing music promotes relaxation. Deep Cradle Seat supports baby. Reclining seat adds to baby’s comfort. Reaching for plush toys overhead helps promote gross motor skills. Different styles of music stimulate baby’s auditory senses. Seat rotates 360º to position seat so baby always faces mom. Removable toy bar for easy access to baby. Machine-washable pad. Carry handles make it easy to take from room to room. Requires 4 D batteries (not included).

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things for boys: Apple and Sultana Muffins

things for boys: Apple and Sultana Muffins

Put your baby into sleep in 1 minutes

Are you looking for a real solution to put your baby to sleep fast?
Is your baby waking up regularly? Not sleeping through the night?

I sugguest YOU with a real solution. It’s a fast, non-intrusive and natural solution:

* Instant baby sleep is currently the ONLY online solution that you can start applying within the next 5 minutes. 

How does it work?
The sound track GENTLY produces energy over the full human hearing spectrum (20Hz – 20KHz) with an embedded pulse that gently eases the brain to the Alpha state well known for drowsiness and sleep induction. The amount of energy is controlled by the parent by means of the music players’ volume control.

The Instant Baby Sleep sound track is delivered as a internet download in a high-quality MP3 format and may be played back using a Stereo / Hi-Fi / Computer Speakers / Laptop / Car radio / MP3 player / Compact Disc player / Cell phone / I-pad  etc. Purchasing the sound track includes a license to burn 2x CD’s for personal use. Most people use one CD for the home and one in a motor vehicle for road-trips.

Safe to use:
The sound track is a digital remodelling of a natural occurrence. It is completely safe to use for all ages of children. It is used by hospitals / play groups / doctors / paediatricians and nurses. We were happy to find out that the Instant Baby Sleep sound track is also used in a Neonatal I.C.U. We do suggest that the sound track is not used with headphones simply because it is difficult to judge the volume.

Tell me more…
The human senses (babies & adults) are subtly engaged as the vibrations of the sound track is heard and even felt by the person resulting in a naturally relaxed sate.
It is most effective with babies and children but may be used for toddlers and adults as well.
Efficiency is increased with repeated use as part of a “sleeping routine”.

Who created the Instant Baby Sound track?
The sound track was created by a professional sound-Engineer at the Megaphone Media recording studio in South Africa. Megaphone Media is a broadcast quality facility operating world class sound engineering equipment.